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100 Woodsy Park Lane Timelapse Video
GPS Programmed Flight Path
For this service, we program an automated drone flight path. All subsequent flights will follow the exact same path, allowing for consistent monitoring. The video above shows the combination of multiple progress flights. They are edited together seamlessly to create a moving hyper lapse video. Please see the third video on this page for an unedited monthly progress flight.

7500 Financial Dr For Kaneff
Construction Videography 
For this service, we have the freedom to shoot the action. Unlike the GPS programmed flight path, we can pick and choose what angles to capture each time we go out. This allows for more focus on certain construction activities, but does not allow for consistent monitoring of the entire site. 

Unedited Flight Video For The City Of Toronto
GPS Programmed Flight Path
This shows the unedited video from one of our monthly GPS programmed monitoring flights for a community centre. 

​Why Use Drone Construction Progress Monitoring

  1. Marketing

  2. Updating Buyers

  3. Informing Investors and Partners

  4. Internal Meetings 

  5. Archival Images

  6. Provide Confidence that the Project is Progressing  

  7. Increase Transparency 

  8. Use as Supporting Evidence for Additional Loans

  9. Improved Coordination

  10. Ensure Adherence to Project Timelines

  11. Enhanced Communication

  12. Risk Mitigation

  13. Break Away from Low Quality Stationary Time Lapse Cameras

  14. ​Capture All Angles of the Site (request specific angles)

  15. Share the cost with the other parties involved


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First Class Drones, a leading construction aerial photographer/videographer, is revolutionizing
construction with cutting-edge technology. Our construction drone services are quickly becoming
essential tools in the industry. We offer unmatched precision and provide critical data, delivering aerial
insights that ensure real-time project monitoring and safety enhancements. 

Real-Time Monitoring and Rich Documentation

As a construction aerial photographer/videographer, we provide a comprehensive view of construction
sites from above, allowing project managers to track progress with precision. These aerial insights aren’t
just about overseeing day-to-day activities—they create a visual timeline of the project, capturing every

phase in detail. This is invaluable for keeping everyone, from team members to stakeholders, in the loop
and reassured about the project’s progress.

Enhancing Safety and Reducing Risks

Our construction drone services reach places where humans can’t. We can help you identify potential
safety hazards and structural issues, mitigate risks, and ensure a safer environment for construction
workers. This protects your team and reduces insurance costs by maintaining a clean safety record.

Streamlined Communication and Coordination

Drones improve communication by providing everyone involved with the same detailed view of the
project. The shared perspective helps align efforts, streamline decision-making, and keep the project
moving forward smoothly and efficiently.


Powerful Marketing and Transparent Operations

Drones don’t just keep your project on track—they also showcase it in its best light. Aerial footage
boosts a project’s market appeal and fosters transparency with investors. It also helps ensure that every
aspect of the project adheres to the highest standards and complies with all regulations.

Transform your construction projects with First Class Drones. As your go-to construction aerial
photographer/videographer, we can help you elevate safety, enhance monitoring, and reduce costs.
Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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