Preparing an SFOC (Special Fight Operations Certificate) for the first time is extremely difficult and time consuming. We are proud to offer an SFOC writing service to assemble your first application and to answer all of your questions. Our package will prepare you to write SFOCs in the future and be approved every time.  We are here to guide you through the entire process, so please check out everything that is included in the SFOC writing package. 

You require an SFOC if:

  • Your UAV is over 25kg.

  • You want to fly in all types of airspace. 

  • You want to fly within 9km of an airport. 

  • You want to fly near buildings. 

  • You want to fly for commercial purposes.

The cost to deliver a complete SFOC ready for submission is $599.00.

The package includes: 

  1. What you need before the SFOC can be written.

  2. Your SFOC. 

  3. Tips and tricks to be approved every time.

  4. FAQ.

  5. All of your questions answered.

Although it is not mandatory for the SFOC application, included in your SFOC will be a company operations manual. This is important to get approval and also acts as a reference to give you confidence before, during and after your flights.