How to Prepare for a Real Estate Video Tour

  • Clean up! It is essential that your house is spotless, as the tour will cover all areas in HD video.

  • Remove clutter. This is key to making your home look pristine. The less clutter, the cleaner the property will look and the better the video will turn out. This includes (but is not limited to) removing unnecessary appliances from your kitchen counter, removing books and magazines from your coffee table, folding blankets, making beds, clearing desks, tucking in chairs, removing shoes from the front door, removing items from the bathroom sink, etc.

  • Make it look good. Put some bright flowers on the kitchen counter or the coffee table to add some flare to the room.

  • Lighting. For the best results, a well lit house is crucial. Change all burnt out light bulbs and open  the blinds!

  • Plan properly. On the day of the shoot, make sure that there are no other workers inside or outside the house and that any occupants are prepared to move from a specific location when necessary.

  • Exterior. Don't forget about the exterior of your home! This includes (but is not limited to) removing any visible garbage bins, garbage, leaves, cars from the driveway, weeds, cut the grass, clean outdoor furniture, etc.

  • The videographer will conduct a dry-run walkthrough of your home before it is actually filmed but it is not our responsibility to clean up your property or make it video ready.