Using the most up-to-date software, we provide precise 3D and 2D maps for all kinds of applications. 


We use photogrammetry which is the process of creating accurate maps, models and measurements from photos. 


Our maps are perfect for: 

  1. Birds Eye Photos - When your property cannot be fully captures at 400 feet (legal limit for drone flights in Canada), we take multiple photos and stitch them together to create one photo. Please see the example below.   

  2. Real Estate - Show off a beautiful property in 3D or 2D so that buyers can view the features in one photo.

  3. Construction ​- View real time maps of your construction site to gauge progress and to monitor work. You can make point to point measurements, as well as of area and volume.    

  4. Mapping -  We provide maps that allow you to zoom closer and see your projects in precise detail, much better than Google Earth. You can make precise measurements including point to point, area and volume.

Photogrammetry Example: 59 pictures stitched together for one detailed birds eye view.
3D image of a high end home.