Fly Before You Buy is a unique offering that allows you to fly a drone (DJI Phantom 4) with an experienced pilot before committing to buying your own (or just to fly for fun!).  We offer  the only all-in-one accelerated training session where you can learn to fly a drone legally in Toronto!

During the session YOU will: 

  • Learn how to operate the flight controls and DJI app.

  • Discuss new drone laws.

  • Prepare the drone for flight.

  • Review safety precautions.

  • Take-off and land the drone. 

  • Learn about failsafe functions.

  • Fly in standard and sport mode. 

  • Use the autonomous flight modes. 

  • Learn proper techniques for taking photos and videos.

  • Take photos and videos (sent to you after the flight!).

  • Learn tips and tricks to avoid crashing!

  • Consider which drone is right for you.

  • Learn about Special Flight Operations Certificates. 

  • Ask the instructor questions. 

  • Disassemble the drone for storage.  

Pricing is based on the number of batteries that you use. Each battery lasts between 20-25 minutes, depending on client usage, temperature and wind conditions. The session lasts between 40-60+ minutes and are conducted in midtown Toronto. We include our First Class Drone Guide to help you decide which drone to purchase!

*We hold a Special Flight Operations Certificate from Transport Canada which allows us to offer this service to our customers LEGALLY AND SAFELY*